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The "Mile High HO Slot Car Association", also known as MHOSA, came about years ago and has evolved into what it is today.  Although still evolving, MHOSA is an informal group of HO enthusiasts who gather primarily to race HO scale slot cars in the Denver, Colorado area.  Some of the racers in the association also have an interest in building, restoring, and collecting HO cars.  At the Association's nucleus is Scott Johnson, well know nationally in HO racing circles as one of the hobby's most dedicated enthusiasts.  The objective of the MHOSA web page is two fold; 1) to serve as a repository of information about MHOSA activities and its associates, and 2) serve as a broadcast signal and liaison between the group and other HO enthusiasts locally, nationally, and world wide.
MHOSA is a friendly group, continuously seeking to meet other HO scale slot car hobby enthusiasts of all levels and interests.  Beginners to advanced, collectors to racers, contact us for more information: -or-
For more information about our history, read our chronicle.
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